Our Process

Flexible investment process

Our investment process is the product of an investment approach that prioritizes excellence, combined with an investment philosophy that seeks to generate value at each stage of our management process.

Emphasis is focused on strategic and tactical asset allocation models, diligent research and security selection, and investor specific risk management.

Diligent research effort

Our experience has shown us that high-quality research and an in depth understanding of the markets and sectors in which we specialize, is a key driver to outperformance.

While sector analysis and regional focus demands an investment process that differs from one asset class to the next, our processes are built on a core foundation based on a number principles as we pursue investment returns on an absolute basis.

Asset allocation

Micro and macro-economic analysis helps us to determine where markets are positioned relative to their performance measured cycles. Understanding how certain assets perform under variable conditions helps us to establish an optimized mix of equities, bonds and alternative investments.

At the client level, our portfolio managers consider client investment preferences as assets are allocated and optimized to align with the underlying portfolio objectives.

Whilst portfolio objectives dictate a particular management style, asset allocation is frequently adjusted to capitalize on favorable market conditions and to ensure that value is preserved during periods of increased volatility.

Asset selection

Research and asset selection processes focus on both the acquisition stages and exit strategies as assets are traded to encourage most favorable outcomes.

Our research efforts analyze the critical influencers of price movements, seek to determine how prices are positioned in relation to their intrinsic values, and forecast performance through a range of market variables and maturity horizon.

Combining asset selection with portfolio construction means that we must have confidence in our conviction as we allocate assets to align with client objectives.

Portfolio design

Evallon Global Investment portfolios are tailored around the individual preferences of each client. Whilst no two portfolios under our management are perfectly identical, portfolios can often share similar characteristics as investors seek comparable objectives to meet their needs.

In this instance, portfolio construction is built on a framework whereby objectives are categorized in relation to risk exposure.

For those seeking the assurance of a fixed income strategy, a conservative approach to asset allocation is preferred in order to mitigate unnecessary exposure to risk.


Exceptionally talented professionals drive the success of our firm and that of our clients. Our people are selected on their merits as financial professionals and their match with our underlying, client-centric ethos.

Process Execution


We strive to create tailored products around client needs in pursuit of consistent, highly competitive performance. Investments are made on informed decisions in consideration of individual client preferences.


Each client is presented with a risk/return profile specific to their needs and objectives. Absolute return benchmarks are created for each client to measure performance during the course of a predetermined period..


Our advantage is our independence. Portfolio managers are not restricted to a catalog of products. We empower our professionals to generate ideas in the very best interests of their clients under an absolute returns philosophy.


Alpha generation is our collective effort combining the opinions and analysis of portfolio managers, fundamental and systematic research analysts, and our trading execution professionals.

Investment capabilities

Leverage on our Capabilities

Our investment capabilities are comprised of the components that we believe are essential in order the maximize performance irrespective of market conditions.

Anticipating market movements and being flexible in our asset selection process enables us to deliver tailored investment strategies in line with client preferences and evolving market conditions.

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