Our investment philosophy

Our Philosophy

Driven by a value investment philosophy

Creating value

Our investment philosophy is dictated by an approach to value creation at each stage of our management process.

We adhere to a flexible approach as our research and identification efforts form the foundations of a long-standing decision making process that considers the following;

  • Company fundamentals ultimately dictate stock price movement;
  • Markets are inefficient and price discrepancies are critical to effective value creation;
  • Fundamental factors respond differently during each stage of the business cycle.

Applying this philosophy ensures that we analyze the number of variables likely to weigh on asset price movements under favorable conditions and during time of market duress. With this approach our identification process are able to highlight key drivers that may not be price factored by the wider market.

Fundamental analysis

Understanding asset fundamentals, how they perform under different conditions and accurately calculating their intrinsic value, enables us to develop a premium platform of value enhanced investments that seek to exploit the undervalued characteristics of asset price discrepancies.

Reacting to change

A deeply concentrated focus on value creation demands flexibility across a number of variables that have profound effects on the accuracy of forecasting. As market conditions change, technologies improve and corporate practices evolve, underlying asset valuations fluctuate causing prices to either return to their fair market value or distort further.

Capitalizing on such inconsistencies as markets evolve dictates a philosophy that is neither reliant on growth, value bias or a momentum driven approach. We believe that this flexible approach provides us with the opportunity to deliver performance irrespective of market conditions.


Be part of an Alternative

Enhancing the ability to diversify the
performance of an optimized portfolio

Alternative investment solutions

What are alternative investments?

Alternative investing acts as a compliment to the existing makeup of a balanced portfolio more typically comprised of traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

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Secondary markets

Secondary markets present buyers and sellers of private with the ability to trade and liquidate their private equity holdings. Evallon Global Investment connects investors with institutions to facilitate secondary, direct and synthetic private equity transactions..

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