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About Evallon Global

About Evallon

Evallon Global Investment is a leading independent asset manager with an expanding global reach. Our investment capabilities are driven to help private investors and institutional clients to overcome their challenges and to achieve their unique financial objectives.

Our investment philosophy is dictated by a value approach to realizing returns on an absolute basis, as we work closely with clients to deliver targeted solutions in alignment with their specific demands.

Absolute investment returns

In pursuit of absolute returns on investment, our proactive management style places significant emphasis on a collaborative research effort spanning a global network of capabilities through regions, sectors and asset classes.

We strive to anticipate market events and adapt to change as we capitalize on opportunities as they emerge. We believe that this flexible approach to asset management provides our clients with confidence as we guide their assets towards a prosperous future.

Global investment perspective

Global perspective

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Evallon Global Investment employs more than 200 exceptional professionals. The company has expanded it's global reach with office locations in New York and the opening of a Tokyo office expected during the course of 2020.

Our professionals are selected on their merits not only as leading specialists in their particular field of discipline, but also on their attributes as upstanding individuals. Our employee selection processes are carefully aligned with a culture of excellence at every level of our business.

Client centric approach to investment

Client-centric approach

We strive to provide each client with a best-in-class investment experience that seeks to deliver above and beyond the demands they have of us.

Ultimately, as a leading asset manager, we are judged on our ability to exceed performance related expectations and on our ability to manage investments in line with client specific preferences.

Evallon Global Investment has emerged as a leading independent provider of alternative investment solutions and asset management services. Our investment capabilities encompass what we believe to be the essential components required for investors to succeed under the current economic climate.

Asset management solutions

We have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver impressive performance through the management of global equities, fixed income, absolute return strategies and alternative forms of investment.

Global equity investment services
Global equities

Equity investment to accommodate the risk/reward spectrum, selected under the rigours of an investment philosophy that prioritize value creation.

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Fixed income investment strategies
Income strategies

Access to high-quality, investable grade fixed income solutions, suitable for a range of investor risk profiles, liquidity preferences and maturity horizons.

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Alternative investment solutions
Alternative investment

Alternative investments enhance the ability to diversify the performance of a portfolio comprised only of equities and fixed income positions.

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Investment capabilities

Leverage on our Capabilities

Our investment capabilities are comprised of the components that we believe are essential in order the maximize performance irrespective of market conditions.

Anticipating market movements and being flexible in our asset selection process enables us to deliver tailored investment strategies in line with client preferences and evolving market conditions.

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