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Evallon Global Investment presents a suite of equity investment strategies to accommodate the range of the risk/reward spectrum. Whilst individual equity strategies present investors with distinctive objectives, our underlying philosophy maintains a dedication to the accumulation of value at each stage of our equity management process.

Global equity strategies

We leverage on our research capabilities and utilize an extensive network to deliver performance in line with client expectations. Our investment process has proven to withstand the effects of volatility as we adhere to a philosophy that has successfully delivered favorable outcomes through a number of market cycles.

Our equity capabilities include;

  • International equities: Global equity portfolios are developed through a coordinated effort consisting of regional insights and sector expertise.
  • UK equities: A wide range of UK focused equity strategies spanning FTSE indices. Incorporating a range of core, satellite, dividend focused and unconstrained strategies, portfolios seek to capitalize on the stability of high-quality corporate management.
  • EU equities: Unconstrained management styles across key performance European economies. Portfolios seek to balance returns across a range of investor profiles to facilitate returns across core, satellite and income strategies.
  • GEMP equities: By the volatile nature of the global emerging market place, our GEMP equity strategies are expertly managed by a team of highly experienced specialists whose collective experiences ensure that exposures are optimized in line with an acceptable risk/return profile.
  • Japanese equities: Targeting small to mid-cap companies, our Japanese equity strategies seek to uncover value in highly efficient businesses will limited exposure macro-economic effects. Strategies are value driven whereby business fundamentals demonstrate the ability to perform through a series of cycles.
Investment services for private investors

Private investors & their families

Our private clients are individual, retail investors whom seek to the dedicated attention to the efficient management of their wealth accomplished only through the bespoke client-centric model that has become the hallmark of our firm.
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