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Global investment capabilities
combined with regional expertise

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As an independent, proactive asset management firm, Evallon has developed a range of capabilities to help global investors overcome the challenges they face under the current economic climate.

Our investment capabilities are comprised of the components that we believe are essential in order the maximize performance irrespective of market conditions. Anticipating market movements and being flexible in our asset selection process enables us to deliver tailored investment strategies in line with client preferences and evolving market conditions.

Global equities

Evallon Global Investment presents a suite of equity investment strategies to accommodate the range of the risk/reward spectrum.

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Income strategies

Fixed income allocations continue to perform as a core function in the management of portfolio diversification.

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Alternative investment

Enhancing the ability to diversify the performance of a portfolio comprised only of equities and fixed income positions.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative Solutions

Alternative investment

Alternative investing acts as a compliment to the existing makeup of a balanced portfolio more typically comprised of traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds as investors persue long-term objectives and the optimization of the risk/reward conundrum.

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Secondary Markets


Secondary markets present buyers and sellers of private with the ability to trade and liquidate their private equity holdings. Evallon connects investors with institutions to facilitate secondary, direct and synthetic private equity transactions.

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Alternative funds

Alternative funds present investors with exposure to a range of alternative investment assets, diversified across a number of sectors geographies.

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Absolute Return

Absolute return strategies offer a different perspective to the risk/reward spectrum as portfolios balance in reaction to market events.

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