Alternative investment fund management

Alternative Funds

Managed alternative funds

Alternative fund structure

Evallon Global Investment's alternative investment funds essentially follow a similar structure to more traditional mutual funds, with the main difference being the active managerial style dictated by the nature of the alternative investment landscape. As the benefits of incorporating alternatives as part of a diversified portfolio becomes more apparent to a wider range of private investors, access to a range of alternative funds targeting risk parameters, liquidity and return profiles, is emerging in demand.

Fund development & strategy

Evallon Global Investment's proprietary investment process and established network of alternative investment expertise enables us to react to sudden market fluctuations as we seek to preserve the balance of each fund.

  • Leveraging upon our extensive manager relationships and access to influential institutional partnerships;
  • Cautious approach to investment selection based on two distinctive alternative strategies: Core and Satellite;
  • Core: Premium platform of investments to participate throughout a broader market in pursuit of beta.
  • Satellite: Unique opportunities demanding extreme diligence in focused sectors or geographies with intent to create alpha.
  • Global perspective unrestricted by geography or sector;
  • Asset selection based on absolute return outcomes with emphasis on maintaining liquidity;
  • Underwriting and proactive monitoring driven by robust analytical processes.
Our investment process

Our process

An investment process is the product of an investment approach that prioritizes excellence, combined with an investment philosophy that seeks to generate value at each stage of the management process.
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